Wednesday, March 7, 2007

May 9th

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May 9th I awoke in the Grand Hotel Yokohama, and was able to look from the windows, and see the dear old vessel that had carried us so far. Lying in the harbour taking a rest before returning home to Germany.
The bund and a rikisha ride around the race course is very interesting in Yokohama, also the shops are amusing to visit, the hotels being also very comfortable.
May 11th Being a wet day we couldn’t do much but early in the evening the rain abated, then Miss Horstman, myself and my guide went for a rikisha ride through the streets, it is amusing to see the Japanese lanterns alight outside the shops numbers hanging in rotation. The next day being fine, Miss Horstman, myself and Kobe went to a Shinto Temple in the afternoon, it being

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Oliver Slay i Texidor said...

I have just discovered my great grandfather's diary, on Oct 12th 1905 he left San Francisco on the S.S. Korea and travelled to Yokohama via Honolulu. Arrives Oct 29th 1905.

He stays at the Grand Hotel, Yokohama, drives down the Bund and takes ricksha (sic) ride to Yokohama Nurseries, Race Course and Missippi (sic) Bay.. He goes via Nikko, Shizuoka, Fuji, Miyanoshita, Nagoya, Kyoto, Maizuru, Obama, Osaka and leaves via Kobe on the S.S. Tonkin via the Inland Sea...

It is interesting to see the same type of diary :) looking as old as the one I have :)

I wonder if they passed along the way.. where did Burtha end her journey? she arrived in San Francisco in September?

On Sept 27th he was at Emerald Lake...

All the best.

Oliver Slay