Thursday, March 22, 2007

September 9th

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Sept 9th Sea is a little rough, with rain and wind, feeling wretched with sea sickness till towards evening when it became calmer. The next day being Sunday I attended divine service in the music room Keller speaking. Afterwards sat on deck and got a splendid view of a U.S.A. transport making its way through the waters.
Sept 12th Mr. Wilson and the chief engineer took me to the engine room to explain the machinery, interesting me very much, especially to see the red coals being shoveled up in the furnaces. It is wonderful how human beings can exist in so much heat.
Sept 14th There was a thick fog around us, which kept us 40 miles from port, and instead of landing at noon, it was 6.30 and then had to go on shore without any luggage too late for the customs to be gone

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Margaret Dennehy said...

Re your grandmothers diary for September 14th 1905 it is interesting to note that an ancestor of my husband Robert Beechinor was on the same sailing from Honolulu to San Francisco. In a postcard to his daughter in Ireland he confirms the diary comment of your grandmother re the weather on arrival in San Francisco"arrived outside harbour at 9am.Detained by fog until 3pm,landed about 6.30" I have been unable to find a passenger list for this sailing.
Yours etc. Margaret Dennehy Ireland