Monday, March 12, 2007


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June 25th It being a bright morning, Miss Horstman wanted to go down the rapids, which is one of the great things to do, while staying in Kyoto, myself and Kobe going with her, starting in good time in rickshaws to the station, fitting into the train to ride round the stream, the scenery being something beautiful; coming to the end of our train ride, into rickshaws we got again, and was carried to the water, where the boat was waiting for us. Chairs being placed for us to sit on, being comfortably tucked up in red blankets, away we sailed, down a most exciting stream, getting a good sprinkling occasionally, rickshaws meeting us on landing and taking us back to the hotel 7 miles run. Evening left Kyoto 8.30, taking a night train to Yokohama. The next day I was glad to rest, after a rough night in a Japanese train.

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