Sunday, March 18, 2007

August 25th

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where we landed about 3 O’clock and strolled to the “Dragon’s Head Cascade,” returning to the lake side to have our picnic tea; getting into the boat again at five, hoping it would land us about six, and to our surprise we didn’t land till eight being carried backwards and forwards on the lake for 3 hours. So all we could do was to be content, and amuse ourselves in singing, which we certainly did, having to rely on a sailboat to land us at some unknown hour.

Aug 25th The last three weeks have been spent in Chinzenji in wretched damp foggy weather, and now the day has come for us to leave the lakeside, and mountain tops to get ready for going on board. So August the 25th finds us quite ready and glad to leave Chinzenji lake in the pouring rain, for it certainly wasn’t half raining when

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Oliver Slay i Texidor said...


I would point out that what is written throughout the diary is probably
'Chuzenji' as in Lake Chuzenji near Nikko.

Best regards