Monday, March 12, 2007

June 21st

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I replied in a smile and nod happy at the thought that the man understood my English tongue. After dinner in the evening Mr. and Mrs. Boit, Miss Horstman, myself and Kobe got into Jinrikisha to have a ride round the town and into a park, where a “fair,” was going on, being a delightful evening.
June 21st
Poured with rain all day, but in spite of it Kobe took me to see the Japanese wrestling in the “Imperial Palace Grounds.” I was amused at myself carrying a Japanese umbrella, Kobe saying it would keep the rain off far better than our English ones.
June 23rd I went to three temples, museum, and Sanjyusangendo. The latter is a place where 1001 gilt images are each having 22 hands and standing 5ft high.

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