Friday, March 9, 2007

June 17th

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at the station. Mrs. Boit and Miss Horstman got into one myself and Mr. Boit in another, only being room for two, and close quarters then. I was highly amused to be riding behind a horse again, after so many “man horses,” the first I’ve ridden behind since Singapore two months ago.
The next day poured with rain all day but in spite of the wet I went out for a little while as it is interesting to see a lot of Japanese trundling through the streets, with their “paper umbrellas,” and “wooden clogs.” The following day was too wet to go out at all, even in a “coal shutter.”
June 17th Started with a wet morning, abating in the afternoon, I went to the "(?)" works, after spending some time in seeing the men at work, and different articles made, I came

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