Wednesday, March 7, 2007

June 2nd

(continued from previous page) lot of Japanese maidens in the dining room, which is quite a change from boys. The hotel being most attractive and beautifully clean. The following day I discovered a nice shop containing all sorts of eggshell lacquer feeling tempted to buy some, which I did.
June 2nd I met a very nice companion Miss Cross. She like myself was making a tour in Japan, in the afternoon, we both strolled to the pretty goldfish tea house. The scenery all round enchanting us with its beautiful wooded hills and rocky streams, the hedges being bright with flowering trees, and the brilliant hills with the “Crimson Maple.” The next day was very wet, so we amused ourselves in the Hotel, without taking any fresh air.
June 4th Miss Cross and I proposed to explore the village so off we

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