Thursday, March 22, 2007

August 27th

(continued from previous page) The next day August 26th was spent in Tokyo till 5 O’clock, when we got into a Japanese trading for the last time arriving at Yokohama, a little before seven, after seeing the luggage brought up and placed in the rooms, I went down to dinner, and retired to rest quite early feeling rather tired.
Aug 27th I was glad to awake in the Grand Hotel Yokohama, to look out and see the vessels lying in the harbour. The afternoon I took a rickshaw ride through different streets, and I walked up the famous hundred steps evening I went to church and met Miss Jacques, who I stood chatting to for some time, and suddenly some rain drops began to patter down, that I had to take shelter in a Japanese shop or get wet through. So I preferred the former, and was detained there for nearly half an hour.

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