Thursday, March 22, 2007

August 28th

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Aug 28th Miss Jacques called at the hotel to have a talk with me once more before leaving Japan, so after taking a cup of tea together we had a stroll, and then came the good byes of our friendship in the far east.
Aug 30th I took my last breakfast in Japan. The SS Manchuria calling us on board at two going out with a calm sea, and fine weather towards evening, there was a considerable swell, which made me a little sick, so I had to retire to my cabin unable to go in the saloon for dinner.
The next day was fine, but I was feeling wretched with sea sickness and unable to attend meals.
Sept 1st Feeling much better, I was able to eat some breakfast enjoy it but being a wet morning I had to stay in my comfortable little cabin. The following four or five days were fine

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