Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sept 4th

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The 4th of September appeared twice giving us two Mondays in one week.
Sept 8th The S.S. Manchuria reached Honolulu at nine O’clock most of her passengers were on shore, I was escorted by two gentlemen, taking a walk through some of the streets, then we got into a car to ride round, and see what we could of Honolulu, visiting the museum, and aquarium, the latter the best I’ve ever seen for pretty fish of all colours. Going from the Aquarium to the Moana Hotel luncheon, afterwards taking the car back to the town, going on board soon after four to find Mr. Luinelle waiting to see me, having a cup of tea, and a little chat, we bid each other farewell once more, leaving the port at five thirty amidst the showers of flowers being the custom to throw flowers, at the parting of friends in Honolulu.

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