Sunday, March 18, 2007

August 25th

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our poor coolies and rickshaws were waiting to tuck us in (or rather enclose us in a coal shuttle) to keep us from getting wet on the long journey we had before us to Nikko way we started at nine thirty, the roads being very bad in places owing to so much rain, after we had got some distance, my “man horse,” dispensed with his sandals, having become worn out, when suddenly we came to a miry piece of road. I was horrified to see his legs disappear and me sitting in the rickshaw. The back men coming to assist him. He joined ground once again taking a back place, and another man taking the shafts so after a great deal of excitement, we were safely landed at Nikko in time for luncheon and from there take train to Tokyo; arriving at the Imperial Hotel first before seven to stay the night.

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