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April 1st

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in the pretty town of Naples? Late in the evening the "Gleaming Moon," once more was seen dashing through the waters passing the wonderful volcanic mountains Vesuvius about midnight to most of the passengers watching the fire and smoke the volcano was sending forth.

April 1st Showed itself a glorious day, the sea beautifully calm and passengers all appeared bright spirited, the day winding up with a musical evening in which Ms *** sang many nice songs including a most favourite one “Daddy Good Night”
April 2nd Brought another fine day which was the Sabbath where I attended service in the morning. The next day we arrived at Port Said in sunshine and great heat anchoring for some hours. Most of the passengers went on shore

March 29th

(Continued from previous page) scenery of the mountains.
Mr and Mrs Boit , Mrs Horstmann and myself to walk down to Genoa Harbour and survey the ship “Moon.”Afterwards Miss Horstmann and myself took a most delightful drive to “hari”, going along by the seashore and through a pretty avenue of orange and palm trees. The next day which was the 29th. The ship "Moon" called us on board in the morning to commence our long see voyage to the far East, leaving one of England's most beautiful harbours behind us in glorious sunshine and sea like a mill pond.

March 31st We arrived at our first port Naples anchoring there for some few hours. We explored the town which was most interesting in spite of being pestered with beggars and the awful sights one sees....

March 4th leaving England

March 4th 1905: Left the dear “old fashioned” town of Rye Sussex at the early hours of nine thirty, and crossed the British Channel in “bright sunshine” and “calm waters” to the beautiful city of “Paris” making a delightful stay of three weeks, exploring shops, and occasionally attending some interesting classes of Y.W.C.A. until March 26th, the day had come for me to leave the beautiful city to travel through the Alps and get a glimpse of Italy? Arriving at Genoa on the twentyseventh, at the early hour of 6 well repaid for with the grand scenery of the mountains.
March 28th I am sorry to say started with a wet morning. The sun peeping through at midday which brought a glorious afternoon and enabled ....

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