Friday, March 9, 2007

June 12th

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to Nagoya, which we reached soon after 6pm and taken in rickshaws to Nagoya hotel pouring with rain all the way from the station that we had to be cased in our “coal shutters,” to keep dry, we were relieved to find ourselves more comfortably placed than the night before making a stay of two days at Nagoya, nothing very striking to see there, only the castle, which is a rustic building with two “gold dolphins,” at either [end] of it, and a moat going round it, nearly all the castles in Japan have a moat around them.
June 12th
We left Nagoya at 2.50 pm for Ise pouring with rain, the whole journey, arriving at Goni**** hotel 4.30, boys and girls meeting us at the doors with chairs and shoe covers for us to sit down and have our shoes covered, before entering, being half

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