Saturday, March 17, 2007

July 16th

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Raining heavily, most of the day. The next week I spent in strolling in the woods and by the lake one day Kondo taking me to the “Kegon Waterfall,” which is 350 ft and a most beautiful sight, with lots of little falls around it, and situated between pretty wooded hills.
July 16th Being a bright sunny day, I joined a picnic on the lake, given by Miss Becker, Mr. Perry and Miss Becker taking the oars, returning home early in the evening, after a delightful afternoon.
July 22nd Miss Phillips came to tea with me, and afterwards, we went on the lake in the “san pan,” fishing catching none, but enjoying the row nevertheless. Lady McDonald kindly lent her sailing boat for a party of us to enjoy ourselves on the lake, all getting into the boat early in the afternoon, away we were seen sailing to the woods for a delightful picnic.

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