Wednesday, March 7, 2007

May 15th

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on a hill, which enabled us to get a good view of Yokohama. The next few days were spent in shopping. A visit to the nurseries and a ride round the race course, having a delightful view of the mountain Fuji.
May 15th It was arranged for us to leave Yokohama for the capital Tokyo, where we hope to make a stay of two weeks. Arriving at the Imperial Hotel, I was glad to see an old face again, at the dinner table “Mr. ****** one of the Moon’s passengers! My stay in Tokyo being very amusing and bright, some days riding round in a rickshaw and sometimes strolling round on my legs.
May 21st, Kobe took me to Shiba Park Temples, which were most interesting, especially the “Shogun Tombs.” One of the priests kindly giving me two roses, which

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