Monday, February 26, 2007

May 6th

(continued from previous diary page)
pretty rocks of Emerald Green which is charming to behold.
May 6th We arrived at Kobe, going on shore with Miss Jaques, and Mrs Kobe (a sweet little Japanese lady). The first thing we proposed to do, was to get into rikishas, and go to the waterfall tea house, which we did, and had tea, the scenery being very “picturesque” and “mountainous” heavy rain coming down in the evening. Not leaving the port till the following morning at 11 am in a wet and heavy mist.
May 8th ended our long sea voyage bringing us to Yokohama about 2pm bringing us to Yokohama about 2pm. Jolly glad to land for a time on shore. The voyage being a most delightful one having good weather and calm seas. With a delightful class of passengers, nevertheless I’m sure we were all glad to rest on land, after being couped up in a cabin on board for nearly six weeks.

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