Monday, February 26, 2007

May 4th

(continued from the last page)
start to go on board again in half an hour reaching the dear old vessel “Moon” about 10 am leaving the port in the evening having lost most of our passengers. The next day opened with bright sunshine, and few passengers left on board. The “Steamers Moon” reaching the end of her journey.
May 4th brought us to the first Japanese port Nagasaki. Going on shore with a gentleman, we visited the first “Shinto Temple” being compelled to take my shoes off, before I could get a look inside, which was nothing much to see after all, afterwards taking a ride round, it was beautiful to see the lovely flowers growing, and the attractive Japanese girls having to leave “Nagasaki” behind us at the early hour of three in the afternoon to a “more beautiful sight” the Inland Sea with its

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