Monday, February 26, 2007

April 30th

(continued from last page)
playing “Shovel board” in the afternoon, and cards in the evening.
April 30th Began brighter and warmer the sun appearing, and the “Ship Moon” once more making its way ahead, to Shanghai, where we were over due, causing some anxieties there, our vessel not being heard of for two days reaching the “aforesaid port” at 11pm all passengers ready to land but had to stay on board for the night.
May1st We got up in bright spirits and ready to start by the first vessel to land us in “Shangai City” which we reached about ten O’clock. On landing we got into Jinrikshas, and was taken to the “Astor House,” taking luncheon there with the Misses Jaques and Coulson and Mr Walford; lunchen being over, we strolled up the “Bund.”

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