Thursday, February 1, 2007

April 5th

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not to see an interesting town but to procure helmets to shield them from the burning sun.
4th April we found ourselves passing through the Suez Canal, which was interesting and amusing to see the natives at work and the quaint houses and stations.
April 5th We had come to the Red Sea where we found it frightfully hot but the sea was beautifully calm without any breeze at all which made it worse to bear.
April 9th The day before we arrived at "Aden", the heat being too much for many passengers to sleep in their cabins, they prepared their beds on deck, while others stood and watched the lightening which was most beautiful to see. The next day we arrived at "Aden," which I believe is the hottest place on Earth. None of the "Moon’s" passengers being allowed to land because of plague

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