Tuesday, February 20, 2007

April 16th

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April 16th Being Sunday, which I spent quietly in reading and talking, the latter which I can always do plenty of, and in the evening I attended service in the second class saloon. The following two days being very hot and stormy, thunder prevailing around us.
April 19th Brought us to the Port of Penang. Most of the passengers going on shore to take in what sights of interest there was to behold. Immediately on landing Miss Paris and myself jumped into a “Garry” to drive and see the “botanical gardens,” which we had learned was the most place of interest to see at Penang. On riding along the road I could almost picture myself being driven through a lane in England to see the beautiful wild flowers growing, and to smell the fragrance after a heavy shower. On reaching the gardens, we jumped out of the

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