Thursday, February 1, 2007

April 9th

(continued from last page) It didn’t look a very interesting place from the port but much more assuring to watch the natives cooking and selling their wares by hauling them up with ropes the side of the vessel. The natives themselves are an “awful sight of humanity” to behold, a “picture,” one cannot easily forget when once seen.

April 9th which was the Sabbath, we spent a very quiet day, it still being frightfully hot and in the evening we had a nice well attended “divine service.” Monday the 10th of April started a week of “sports” for the "Steamers Moon’s" passengers which took place each day between the hours of 3 till 6 (after the intense heat of the mid-day sun had passed) each day bringing some different races both to male and female, and proving a most “brilliant week” ever was spent on board. The “Sultan of Johore” being very popular among the passengers.

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